1) Be respectful. No Hazing, or Targeting a person to hurt them. Trash talk amongst other cutthroats is not tolerated.

2) This is an 18+ discord and we expect our members to behave with some sense of maturity.

3) Sending/linking/threatening any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harm-ware results in an immediate and permanent ban.

4) Don't spam.

5) Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited, including, but not limited to, racial remarks and homophobic slurs. This also includes but is not limited to sexism in any way, shape, or form.

6) Mentioning @everyone, the moderators, or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited. The #crew-rec-adventure and #crew-rec-arena channel is an exception to this rule; if you do not want to be notified you can mute the channel.

7) Act civil in voice chat.

8) Post content in the correct channels.

9) Listen to what Staff/Officers say.

10) Do not post someone’s personal information without permission.

11) Do not post pornographic or disturbing content.

12) If you have agreed to an NDA, you will not break the NDA in any voice or text channels.

13) Do not use our channels for the purpose of organizing or advertising stream sniping.

14) Macros, cheats, hacks, or any other form of cheating are not tolerated. Using these is a bannable offense.

15) Do not join a game voice channel unless you intend to play with those who are in said channel. Any non game related conversation takes place in the Tavern.

16) Submitting a troll player report or troll officer application, is now seen as a strikable offense. As it shows disrespect and clogs important officer channels. 

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