Ahoy Cutthroat Pirates, it is I, XxTyl3rDadYumxX. A lot of you know me, a lot of you don't, but I am the new Pirate Lord. As VP said, I was PL twice before during different times and enjoyed leading this fleet through months of trials and fun events. Now I get to do it for a third time! I am honored and humbled by the moment. @VP | Bearer of the Lion's Mane deserves the most respect as any officer or cutthroat out there. He didn't only serve as Pirate Lord, he didn't only serve as Pirate Lord twice. He served as Pirate Lord, for 4 months straight(two terms), and This is a legend amongst the Cutthroats and I respect this Pirate till the day I die. Thank you Pirate Lord @VP | Bearer of the Lion's Mane and you will forever be counted amongst the legends of the seas to me. Thank you all for your questions in the QNA, during our next tavern meeting, I look forward to seeing new faces and talking about the upcoming plans and changes of the fleet! I look forward to sailing with all who wish too and if I am to meet you upon the seas, you are not safe, for these are MY sea's. Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

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