Notorious Arena League Season 2

The Notorious Arena League (NAL) is a competitive Sea of Thieves table where the best teams compete in intense Arena matches. The NAL runs year long in seasons, its first season will be a shorter than normal season starting on August 1, 2019 and ending on September 21, 2019.


After that, seasons will last 3 months (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). The NAL aims to bring the best Sea of Thieves players together to deliver gameplay at the highest level. Join us every Saturday at 9:00pm on Twitch. You won't want to miss the Notorious Arena League hosted by The Cutthroat Pirates.

Teams must sign up HERE. The first season is invitational, but teams from all over the community will be free to join future seasons. Teams must follow league rules as we have a zero tolerance policy towards toxic, harassing behaviour.


- All teams must have a team name(no troll names) and logo

Free Agents:

If you are looking for a team, we can help you find one! Sign up as a free agent HERE. The three questions that are asked of ALL contestants are:

1) Do you want to be the best crew in Sea of Thieves?

2) Do you have time to dedicate to at least three team practices each week (3 hours each)?

3) Do you promise to be loyal to your team and follow ALL league rules?

You can check out the League Table HERE.


By participating in the Cutthroat Scrim Program (CSP), you agree to the following rules:


1) Be civil and respectful at all times. This applies to pregame activities in the tavern as well as during the game. examples of bad behaviour are tea bagging and name calling.


2) During the scrims, only talk with your own crew and do not use game chat.


3) Do not brag about results, your performance will speak louder than anything you can say.


4) We are all Cutthroat teams and we are helping to sharpen each other's skills. Always keep this in mind and try to help out.


5) If one team wants to provide any criticism to another team, do it via DMs on the next day to the team leader only. (team leaders will be posted at the bottom) We are holding all players who engage in scrims to a higher than normal standard. If any of these rules are broken, it will be handled very seriously in accordance to our strike system.


How to win -

The Notorious Arena league is based on an arena points table. The table is reset at the beginning of each season. Teams earn points based on their placement in Saturday Night Arena matches. The team that earns the most points by the end of the season will win a cool prize. Only matches with at least three registered teams will count for points. The goal is to have multiple teams playing in the same match. During each day of competition, teams will play a maximum of 3 games per day with the possibility of earning a total of 30 points.

1st Place: 10 points

2nd Place: 7 points

3rd Place: 5 points

4th Place: 3 points

5th Place: 1 points



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