Promo Video

The Official Promo is here! The Cutthroat pirates are recruiting new members by the day, so sign up today to take part in our voyages, events & record attempts!


Light Up The Night

Check out the latest video from CoralStar and the Event Council as they set records for the longest Chain Reaction of Explosions!

Cutthroat Boat

Indigo's Revenge

The Cutthroat Pirates have come a long way in just a single year, and we are already taking massive strides forward during our second year. I am pleased to announce the next step in our community! Nyanbonecrush has done it again, this time, it is the concept art for our own ship representing the Cutthroats.

Cutthroat Shanty

Cutthroat Shanty

Take a look at our Awesome Cutthroat Shanty performed by the wonderfully talented Freya Catherine and video edited by our very own Ragetrox


Crab Rave

We may have had a crabby Summer but nothing is going to bring the Cutthroats down this year! Check out the our new music video!


2nd Anniversary

Check out how these pirates celebrate the Seas and the Fleet's anniversary!

Cutthroat beach party

Beach Party

The Cutthroats kick off the summer with a new video! Come hang out with us this summer and enjoy some Adventure mode and Arena! 18+