Buccaneer Brouhaha

Two teams of four face off in an all-out royale to the death. Their objective is to slay out the opposing team in intense four-minute rounds. All weapon loadouts are allowed, and each player may bring exactly one coconut with them per round. The team with the most survivors at the end of each round gets a point in a best of five format, and if both teams have the same amount of players alive when time runs out they will battle it out in a best of one with a two-minute time limit. May the best slayers win!

PvP Practice

Every Saturday we get multiple ships on the same server in order to fight each other. During PvP Practice we usually cover the basic cutlass mechanics and give the Cutthroats a controlled environment to hone their individual skill. We also strive to play mini-games and practice ship combat on a regular basis.

Grand Adventure Contest

The Grand Adventure Contest is a celebration of our voyage reports. In the discord, Cutthroats are being asked to post their epic adventures. The voyages are then put to a community vote and the winner will be given a choice between a shirt or a flag from the store.


Weekly Meetings

The Cutthroats host weekly community meetings every Wednesday 8 PM EST for the Americans, and Thursdays 8 PM CEST for the Europeans. These meetings are a great way for our members to stay up-to-date on the current developments, events, and weekly highlights. It gives the Cutthroats a place to voice their opinions and suggestions directly to the officer group and the rest of the community, and it's a good way for everyone to get to know each other.