Log One

March 7th: X Marks the Start

The sea are calm, no ships in sight, and the wind is at my tail, the Vanguard Merkava should make it to the Sunken Grove undisturbed. If Thomas Gerald, that old coot of a seaman from Daggertooth ain’t drunk outta his gourd, Sunken Grove hides some kind of relic he failed to find. He says he doesn’t want to put even four steps near beast’s tusks ever again, but I was persistent. He handed me his key to a buried silver box. I kept it safe upon the quest table, since nobody’s around. Unfortunately, he did not tell me where to find it. Tomorrow I might as well dig up the whole island! ...I’d have just as good of chance…

March 8th: A Brilliant Idea! 9:14 AM

It just hit me. The box is actually hidden in the sand four paces by the Monstrous fangs to the north east. I knew that Thomas was being too specific! I gotta get that silver key. From the table! It’s time to get that sweet bounty! Man, I am so pumped!

March 8th: A Thieving Rat! 9:19 AM

Man, I am so mad! I thought I misplaced the key or a stowaway took it until I found it swinging out from a bird’s beak. I’m staring at it right now. He’s right there on the mast looking at me. It looks like a crow, but has some white markings and a blue eye. I could shoot the little pest, but I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger. It kinda has some reflective blue feathers and- okay, it’s flying away with my key. I gotta go catch it and stop writing.

March 8th: A Nest of Feathery Gold, and a Mutual Exchange Proposal 10:01 AM

I found the bird, but to my suprise, he lead me to it’s nest near the hangman’s tree. Even moreover, The nest was FILLED and I mean FILLED with coins, keys, and trinkets. I got back the key, but decided to take the nest with me. If this weird bird can discover shiny things so easily, maybe it could be useful for sniffing out any other shiny treasures I may miss. I carefully bring the nest to my ship and place it on top of the barrels down below safe from harm. Miraculously, the bird followed me back to the Brigantine without a fuss. Maybe it knows there is more shiny things to be found? Nah. I’m giving it too much credit.

March 8th: Does this Ring a Bell!? 10:24 AM

I discovered the contents of the box. The key fit perfectly, I’m just glad I got it back, to be frank. The box has a Cowbell with a skull on top of it? What even is this? It doesn’t even ring. Now come to think of it, its clapper is missing too (That bar thing inside bells that make them ring.) Now what? The skull decoration kind of looks like a hateful bounty skull. Maybe one of the Order of Souls Witches can determine what this bell is for? It’s the best chance I got.

March 8th: Company Aboard 2:45 PM

After a mustard rub pork chop lunch at Sunken Grove’s fishing camp to the west, I am setting course for Daggertooth to get some answers with my new birdy acquaintance sitting in his nest fiddling with the same silver key. I don’t really mind him playing with it anymore because I already got the contents it was holding. I am not even going to try to determine if it’s a boy or a girl at this point. I’m aware I’ve switched between the boy and girl pronouns in between journal entries, and I don’t care, He doesn’t care, nobody cares how she’s labeled. Dammit, I’ll call it a Attack Megalodon for all I know! I just hope he-she... IT is housebroken. He is mighty cute to watch though. I’d throw a coin, and he’d swoop in and pick it up and collect it like a little pirate. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bird was some kind of parrot because it acts so much like a pirate. Maybe I can ask around if anyone recognizes this kind of bird? Only time will tell, I suppose.