Log Two

July 22nd 5:34 PM : The Abstinent Smoker Of Golden Sands

The Oso Viejo Is undoubtedly a noble ship. She can fly like a hawk, and has four cannons to match her prowess. This ship is born to battle. She can’t stand alone, even with the Pirate Lord’s guidance. It’s time to fearlessly rally a union to fight this cause… okay, so I’m a little bit nervous! Gimme a break. I arrived to Golden sands to see the people shivering in fear, looking at a central banner like the one in Sanctuary Outpost the night before. It issued the same challenge as well. One thing that Golden Sands was infamous was suspicious green smoke rising above the weapon shop. Only today, the smoke has cleared. As I approached, the shop was closed. Evidently, Wanda was out sick, so her sister Wonda was going to cover for her, at least that’s what I was told. Lackluster in the name department, much? The last hint I got was from the tavern madame Tina, who said she heard rumors of green and purple cannonfire form those derelict ships targeting ships of all types. I think that the island is hiding something from me, but I doubt I’ll get any closer to finding the truth alone.


July 23rd 7:18 AM : The Devil Ray

I need some allies.The first ship I thought of was the Devil Ray. They are known for the over- gaudy look of their ship like a gilded temptress of the seas. But I know different. Innocent ships sail close to get a better look, and the Ray cripples them then and there. Her captain, Paul Heilfindger, Is just as sharp a dresser as he is a thief. They were seen sailing to the west of Mermaid’s Hideaway, A-14 on the map. From what I could gather from the trinket man, that area was called “Scoundrel’s Reef” I’ve never heard of it. Hopefully it lays away from the shroud. Nevertheless, It’s my best shot.

July 33rd 8:23 AM : The honorless Ombudsman

I was caught by the trinket man before I went off to sea. He begged me not to go. “The Ray would turn me into splinters if I lay inside their lair”, he would say. He was right, so I shanghaied him on the Viejo, and sailed for Scoundrel’s Reef. Although mad I dragged him onboard without warning, he soon warmed up the ship. He was shocked and humbled upon seeing the Pirate Lord’s blessings upon the wheel, and the Legendary necklace above my breast. He knew he was in that mystical man’s presence, and it may have made him feel better. The trinket man confessed to me that trinket vending was more of a hobby. In reality, he was the Reef Locksmith. Without him, the Devil Ray cannot enter the Scoundrel’s Reef caverns. He offered to be the ambassador on my behalf. I gladly took his offer, glad to see him finally come to his senses. I now have a better chance of surviving that ship full of pirates.

July 33rd 12:45 PM : The Heart of Scoundrel’s Reef

A LOT has happened, so I’ll try to write down the essentials. The Oso Viejo made it to A-14. The Ombudsman told me to lower my anchor. I was skeptical at first, but I flung the capstan. He placed a key on top of the capstan, and told me hold on to something. I saw sunlight penetrate the hole of the key, then shoot out a white beam of light to a nearby rock which then reflected an orange into the sea. The sea started to shiver and quake, the Oso rocked like a nursing carriage before a massive slab of land with colorful coral of all types rose out of the water. It opened its face like jaws from a massive whale. I raised anchor, and sailed through the entrance. Everything was dotted with coral and quartz. I put us at half main only so I could be ready for any… surprises. I squinted my eyes and saw a huge drop ahead of us! The Oso Viejo glided down the rapid slide like a cannonball shot! We landed with a splash to the core of the island, a cavern with lanterns, glittery rocks, reefs, glowing fish, and a giant sign over the gate: The Devil Ray. It was like a floating village! The sound of music and cheer rang from the central tavern. As quick as we saw the merriment, the fanfare stopped, and grappling hooks were latching on to my ship! “HOLD, TRESPASSER!” Said a voice over a speaking trumpet. “ANCHOR AND ANNOUNCE YER BUSINESS OR YOU’LL LEARN TO LOVE A SWORD TO THE THROAT.” I had no choice but to comply. The anchor was lowered, and the area was silent but tense. I could hear the sounds of eye of reaches loading, and cannons aiming. The Locksmith spoke up. Gave a speech of how he saw the wheel of the ship, and the pirate lord’s favor in this ship and her captain. He made me sound omnipotent, but that didn’t roll over too smoothly because someone fired a warning shot hear the boat causing him to retreat. I grabbed my trumpet, it was my turn. I said to them:

“You are all afraid! Captain Heilfindger of the Devil Ray, you knew of those skeletons at sanctuary outpost, and what they were capable of. You ruled the shores of plenty, now look at you. Cowering in your cave like a rat rather than a conqueror! I’ve come by the name of the Pirate Lord to negotiate terms so we can beat our common foe and deliver a bona fide pit of gold! That is, if your glittery repertoire proceeds you.” I couldn’t see him from so far away, but I heard a murmur from one person in the echoey chasms which entomb us. It sounded like “Let them dock.” Further proof is when the cannons were unarmed, and the grappling hooks were released. I am about to talk business with an underground union of thieves. As soon as my ship and cargo are checked. Of which I had no choice but to grant my compliance. Soon, I may have a new ally, or even a hideout...