Log Three (final Log)

March 10th: On the Course with Fortune, and all is Forgiven 7:48 AM

I left Thomas, Oprah, and Daggertooth behind with the promise of fortune ahead. The magpie is doing better now. She...he...it is playing around with a shiny necklace, and is happily calling and chirping. Maybe it got tired of the key from before? Well whatever keeps him happy. I’m glad there are no hard feelings between us. He seems to understand me quite well, actually. But now I need to focus. The wind’s at our back, so Old Faithful will be in reach in no time! March 10th: The Treasure hunt of the Felajia tribe’s fabled inheritance (Disclaimer) 5:34 PM By the time you read this, I had already completed my adventure, so everything I tell you Is every event to the best of my recollection, and may be told in the third person rather than all the first person. I’ll try to keep a valid timestamp. The only one that I’m positive of is the checkpoint entry. Know that is how I am recording everything I have witnessed, and there is.. a lot.

March 10th: The Checkpoint 8:24 AM I am making this entry on the fort’s gate in Old Faithful Isle. I sent my Magpie pal back to the safety of the ship because there’s no telling what lies ahead. I am looking for signs of the hidden entrance. I am counting on looking for similar markings on the bell to find the gate entrance. I will need to stop writing and concentrate. I will write later on, if I’m still alive.

March 10th: All Truths Revealed ~9:00 AM

“I finally found it. This must be the place. No doubt.“ I tell myself this as I look at the markings around a rock. They match the bell perfectly. I found the entrance to the chamber in the heart of Old Faithful stationed inside of it’s arch. “Now how to open it?” I fathom this while looking over the door. “I don’t see any switches, or- Hey! There!” I found a keyhole nearby the rock. “Wait, isn’t that, a metal key rock? Why isn’t it a stone totem?“ I looked confused, but I remembered the silver key that the magpie was playing with. “I know! I’ll get the magpie’s key. That may open it.” “You won’t be needing to, Yumi Lancer.“ I freeze in horror at I hear those words. That tone, that voice, there’s no mistaking it. I turn around to see Thomas Gerald standing there with the same smug smile I thought I saw him have before at the tavern. “...What are you doing here.” I ask him “Does your Order of souls contract say to go here?” “Yumi,” said he “ you and I both know you are not as naive as you are making yourself to be.” Scared, I place my hand for my Blunderbuss. “I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt, old man.” I arm myself, but the old man is still there, smiling. I have a gun at his face, but he isn’t retaliating. “You’ll dead a thousand times if you do me, girl.” “What?” I say in confusion. That’s when I realised, this was a setup. “There’s someone hidden here with you Thomas, isn’t there? Come out and show yourself!” I pause for a moment, “Or should I say…. Yourselves?”

Out from the corners of the room, the two mercenaries from the Marauder’s arch voyage came into what little light shone through the cave, each with an eye of reach aimed at my head. Under the circumstances, I dropped my blunderbuss, and threw my hands up. As fast as I found the entrance to unspeakable wonder, I found myself just as fast tied up and sitting up against the wall. That’s when the beans were really spilled. “You are sharper than you look, Yumi. I truly compliment your wit.” Thomas said with genuine approval. “Unfortunately for you,” he continued “you failed to realise that I set you up from the very beginning. These gentlemen are not mercenaries at all. They are actually my spies. I had them follow you to the tent when you turned in the skull to learn of your next destination. We then followed you out as soon as we were certain you did not suspect a thing.“ I struggled to break free, but it was no use. I grit my teeth at Thomas as he watched in pleasure like some sick wolf with a defenseless lamb. He continued. “Do those ropes feel tight? Sorry, It was my intent to keep you...secure, but not in pain. It’s hard to work with rope that has been cut.” “Why would you tell me that!?” I say to him, but then I sat there motionless reliving the moment I was suspended from that rope over the arch. “You just figured it out, didn’t you? That rope coming undone was no accident, I will admit to you. I ordered my spy to kill you the moment they could. My intent was to get rid of you. Only, my spy messed up, and he let you descend low enough where you wouldn’t he hurt from the height of your fall. I also did not account for your skill in combat.

You somehow took down the band of Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajia. You were supposed to be overwhelmed by the skeletons, and vanquished then and there. You proved me wrong, and for that I applaud you.” He slowly clapped, ironically, not in a sarcastic manner. But he closer to my ear. “I have another confession to make. Didn’t your ...magpie was it? have a little something of mine?” “Why would I tell you?” I protest. “Because, you may find it looks like… this.” Thomas pulls out a shiny silver key. “Hey! That’s-” Thomas pulls his eyes off the key and looks at me, smiling. “So you do know what this is. How it ended up in my pocket is by my loyal spies. They took the key from that bird’s nest while you were busy sailing. Your bird hated us for stealing the key, but I’m glad you thought nothing of it.” I was shocked. I felt clammy and very faint. “ So all this time, the Magpie was protecting me!?” Thomas nodded. “Even I was surprised by this. I never suspected that little bird to be aboard your ship, let alone save you from my spies. Had he not dove at my spy on the rope that night forcing him to drop you lower to the ground, or take out the rudder pin on your ship as my spy had reported, you would not be sitting where you are today.” He breathes a sigh of content. “It was the perfect cover for the backfire of your demise, and we could take back the key without a fuss. He must really like you, even after you imprisoned him. Faith fatally misplaced, I’m afraid.” I avoid eye contact in shame.

Thomas took a look at my eyes as I returned to him with a stare. “You look like you have a question, my dear. I will grant you a final wish and answer it, with your permission.” I stayed silent, then under my breath, I utter “Why drag me into this? You could’ve done all the work. YOU and your DOUBLE CROSSING TRAITORS!” “Chu-chu-chu-chu” Thomas chuckled “My aren’t you the clever one. A jokester too, if you please. Not as smart as us, though. The tavern is dry and safe, and we keep our skins safe. While storms soak you through and rats infect your grog. Not only that, but upon your forfeit life, we get all your fortune that you’ve collected as a bonus. Seems we have the better part of the deal, wouldn't you say?”

March 10th: The Ancient Treasure ~10:30 AM

Finished rubbing in his scheme to me, He positions the key into the lock. “Tell you what, Since you did all the work for us, you can come with us and witness the treasure you will never would’ve come close to acquiring fall into our hands. Then we kill you. It’s the least I can do for all your hard work.” I didn’t say anything. I was so mad, that any words to expel were null and void. “Or…” Thomas continued as he takes my own blunderbuss off the floor and points it at my face close enough to touch “Would you like me to kill you now?” I squirmed, but in anger and submission,I manage to utter “I want to see the treasure” I don’t exactly know if I said that to buy more time, or accept defeat but with one last wish. Thomas nodded in understanding. “Very well. Let me cut your legs free.” “You two,” he whispers loudly to his goons “Keep your guns on Lancer at all times. Do not let your eyes of reach leave her back. If she escapes, you’ll end up like she will after all of this. BELIEVE IT.” “y-Yes, boss.” “Can do, boss.”

The key turns. The stone drops down to the floor revealing an entrance way. Thomas leads, I follow with the goons behind with their guns trained on me. He holds my bell. “I was told that the bell unlocks the treasure.” I say to Thomas. “You are not wrong. The bell is required. But the way you realise.” IS there a correct way to open a treasure chest with a bell? I think to myself. We hear wind picking up in the caves. Thomas turns to us. “Be quiet. That means you two as well.“ We round the corner not making a peep as we see the biggest humanoid creature in my life sleeping in the middle of what looks like a den piled with meat bones and skulls. It has a metal mask on, shackles on it’s wrists and ankles, a lock and metal belt with chains on it’s waist, and it’s muscle mass is through the roof. It lays in the middle of the room, snoring heavily. “What is that!?” I whisper to Thomas. “That” He replies. “Is the Troll Slave of Felajia’s Daughter.” My skin goes pale. I remember Oprah’s visions, but to see the beast in person…. It can make a grown man give out a shriek. “Where is the treasure!?” “Oh, Yumi, Have you not guessed already? The beast IS the treasure.”

March 10th: The Power of the Ancient Treasure ~11:00 AM

Thomas with that damned grin pulls out the bell “What the story Oprah said was that this bell controls the beast, right? So that means” I turn to run, but the goons grab me “If I sound the bell, the beast obeys me!” “You’re insane, Thomas!” I whisper as loudly as possible. He grabs a rock and walks to the creature. “Tremble before me as I awaken my newest crew member as it’s new master!” CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! The bell chimes a forced ring with the rock. The troll wakes up from it’s long slumber, and it stands. Metal clanks and scratches with every joint it moves. It roared a roar that shook the entire room. “Now we’re in business! Rise! As my minion!” … the beast stayed silent. THUD! It steps closer to Thomas. THUD! “Yes, Come to me, my servant!” “...Thomas?” I speak. THUD! THUD! “Yes! Now was your master I command you to-” “Thomas, You aren’t in control!” I blurt out. “The Flapper is missing from the bell that makes it ring! That’s what controls the beast!” Thomas pauses for a moment just laughs. “Chu-chu-chu. Oh, really? Then where might this flapper be?” I smile and speak like a dagger in his chest “Resting with the final treasure.” Thomas’s expression changed. He looked up at the brute before him, and sure enough, the flapper was round the beast’s neck. “...Oh.” Drool fell onto his shoulders, and the Troll Slave roars an ear piercing roar that shook the caverns! “Don’t just stand there! Kill it!” Thomas ordered his men. Using my Blunderbuss, He and his goons tried shooting down the beast. I knew different. If I were to engage like this, I would die. I need to stay low and quiet and let this blow over. I take the opportunity to hide behind a rock. As I thought, the beast easily dispatches the goons with it’s bare hands. But for Thomas…. I don’t like speaking of this, but the beast breaks his forelegs, then his forearms. Then it finally mercy kills him by tearing him in HALF.

I resist the urge to vomit. I need to stay still. The giant lumbers around looking for any other potential “Playmates”. I do not dare move a muscle. The beast’s metal mask is right in front of my face, I can smell his breath, and feel the cold air he expels. It was a lucky escape. The beast assumed there was nothing left. It turned around, and went to sleep once more. The commotion caused rocks to fall over my only exit, and my hands were still tied up. I. WAS. TRAPPED.

March 10th: The Feathery Coup de Grace -11:30

I sat there scared. I thought I would die in here. But however, I had an unusual ally. I heard the scratching of rock, and out from the outcrop came the Magpie! I have never been happier to see a bird in my life. I flutters down next to me and inspects my bonds. He pecks and bites at the knot, trying to loosen it. Luckily, Thomas’s “Comfortable ropes” were loose enough for the magpie to loosen! I knew that was a myth, take THAT, Oprah! Free from the ropes, I rub my arms awake, and I look at my only exit blocked. I try pushing the rocks, kicking them, and shooting them! “Shoot them?” Sure enough, as I let the shots fly, the beast wakes up again, happier than ever. “Applesauce.” “GOOOOOUUGH!!!!!” Roars the giant. “Hey! I know You’re stronger than before, but... are you also friendlier?” “GROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” The battle is on!

Shots from pistols will only make this thing angrier. I need to hurt it somehow. I dodge it’s attacks and grabs. It ponds it’s chests and charges! I evade, and like a demented buffalo, he crashes into the blocked wall, making ir crack and crumble! That gave me an Idea. The beast. Fell over dizzy. The flapper is RIGHT THERE. If I try to grab it, the giant will kill me. But the magpie… I call for my bird, and direct his attention to the nice shiny flapper. The magpie’s eyes sparkle, and it approaches the unconscious giant. It gently wiggles the flapper out if the shackles and loosens it. This wakes the beast up. The magpie flies away for it’s too tiny to track. But me, I am prime for the ribbing to him. Round 2 begins. The beast smashes the ground trying to intimidate. I hold my ground. The beast charges again! Like a materdor, I lead him into the stone rocks again! A few come loose. It’s working! The Beast is down! I call the magpie to get the flapper. The bird goes for the throat, literally. It frees the flapper some more, and grabs it in its beak! Yes! The bird flies to safety as the troll slave roars clearly angry. It stomps to me smashing the ground where I stand. The magpie snatches the bell from the ground to avoid it taking damage.

And I thought the N-18 island had the Magpie’s Wing. This little guy was being my wingman in the face of death itself. The beast keeping close quarters, I decide to get it really mad. I pick up a rock, and clonk his metal mask! The beast gives chase, and charges into the rocks a third time, and it is the charm! The Rock opening breaks free! The way out is clear! But, the ground is beginning to shake. Did our quality time break the foundation of the caverns!?

March 10th: My Unusual Ally ~12:00 PM

The beast may be stupid, and brutal but he’s our only hope in getting out of here alive. I reassemble the bell so it’s whole. I ring the bell, and it makes a sweet sound. Almost refreshing. The beast hears the bell, and lumbers to me, but instead as a foe, he kneeled. The bell works! I’m his owner now! The tremors are getting louder, so I call the magpie over, and hang one ot the beast’s back “Okay, big guy. For your first order, GET US OUT OF HERE!” The beast Roars in understanding! The beast crashes through the rock pillars and the boulders in our path like a knife through butter. A giant rock rolls into our path but the beast catches it.

He seems to be struggling to win! “C’mon! It’s just a scratch!” I yell over the noise “UP AND AT EM’!” The beast overpowers the bolder and rolls it up a steep incline. Like a charging bull, the plows over the rocks that normal pirates would have no hope in breaking punching stalactites and stalagmites. I hug the magpie close to me, and the dust is kicking up now! It’s now or never, the shaft is collapsing! The break of day is in front of us. A rock blocks our way, but the beast readies a shoulder charge. Roaring while he does it, he blasts that rock to OBLIVION.

We made it out, and with the ancient treasure of a living weapon! The shaft behind us collapsed, and an entire highland of Old Faithful Isle sinks to the bottom. Everybody’s dusty, but okay. The Beast that swore to destroy, had saved two lives from a slow and painful death. In the right hands, This guy can be rehabilitated. We now head back to my ship, but not before the beast breaks Thomas’s ship to toothpicks with me watching in glee while cleaning the brave little magpie.


So I’ve finally come to the end of this adventure, now. A legendary treasure that was never meant to be free. Looking for a good owner and being abandoned is messed up, but what the beast needs to learn is with power comes responsibility. Madame Oprah and Athena’s fortune are training him in manners and loyalty. That’s not to say I don’t take him out on certain voyages AHEM arena. As for my magpie friend, He certainly earned his spot in my heart. So, I have him tagged, and in athena’s fortune where he has all the shiny things to keep him happy forever. I guess I found my pets. While most Pirates have monkeys and parrots, I will come to Athena’s Fortune to an ancient giant, and a perky and adorable little magpie.