Log Two

March 8th: Playing a Long Lost Game 4:25 PM

As I searched around daggertooth for answers, I managed to get a lead thanks to Madame Oprah of the Order of souls as I thought. This bell’s skull once belonged to one of them ancient people that dressed in grass skirts, worshipped megalodons and other weird stuff. Evidently this bell was a key to an inherited treasure of old that controlled something. All the more reason to persist on. Oprah said that there were ones who brought down a mighty foe and locked him away to secure the treasure that this bell unlocks. Unfortunately, I can’t stick just any metal inside of it. It needs to be a certain chime and tone only possible with the missing flapper. According to Oprah, the flapper is resting with the final treasure, whish I think is a very strange scenario. There are certain marks on the bell that she couldn’t make out. But if I find anything else out, she said she would help me out anyway she can. I did ask her about the bird and even got him out for her to have a look. She said she knew nothing about birds, and did not know what kind he was. Worth a shot, I guess.

March 8th: A new Heading With Some Help 5:00 PM

I put the bird back in my ship for safety. I headed for the Drowned Rat for some possible information from the man who sent me on my way in the first place: Thomas Gerald. I showed him the bell, but he didn’t notice the flapper was missing. He saw some markings in the side of the bell which he said pointed to another skeleton to be slain, “Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajiah”. His head may have the next directions. He also added that Felajiah’s bony remains is last seen near Marauder’s Arch’s abandoned fortress. There were some triggerman there, so Thomas assigned two of his blokes to assist me on fetching his head. Before I left the tavern, I had a strange thought. A thought that I just saw on him, the faintest smile to himself? Maybe I’m being too protective. Right now, It’s time to go headhunting.

March 9th: The Eagle has Landed 1:35 AM

Sailing was fine to Marauder’s arch. A little slow in the drag, I’ll admit. But at least we weren’t kraken’d. The two mercs were not very talkative, and the birdy didn’t fiddle with the key as much near them. She’s usually very playful and friendly, but when those two came aboard he would just…stare. I woke the mercenaries up, and briefed them on the situation. I am about to launch my ambush upon Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajiah. After some reconnaissance, He has a lot of skeletons, is seen in a tribal looking garb, and he has lots of hatchets. A stealth takedown is what we need. My plan is as follows: I have a vantage point over the arch, I’ll swoop down via rope held by one merc while another silently readies the ship’s harpoon for collection. I decapitate him, have my crew hoist me back up when I tug the rope three times, grapple ourselves back aboard the Vanguard, and we hightail it out of there with no alarms. No one gets hurt, and no bullets wasted. By the time this is written, I’ll be dressed in all black, have dark facepaint on, and be ready to execute my plan ashore.

March 9th: An Unplanned Betrayal 8:25 AM

By the time I write this, I have gotten away with the head of Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajia. However, Things did not go according to plan: One of the mercenaries tied rope around my waist then anchored it in the rock with a large stake, and the other manned the harpoon. The arch above was the perfect cover. The skelies were asleep, and they would never suspect a thing. It’s too dark and far up to see or plainly hear what’s going on from up here when below at the shorelines, so it’s the perfect cover. I hung over the arch, and the merc lowered me down slowly. I was nervous, but I needed to hold my breath and ready my cutlass. The chief was sleeping right there, and I needed to be as stealthy as possible. Up unto this point, everything was going to plan. But as I was readying my attack, I felt the rope being flicked around. I looked up to see the merc flailing about. There was a small blurry figure darting around him and making loud noises. It was no doubt that was the bird aboard my ship pestering the mercenary. Suddenly, the line snapped, and I plopped right in the now awake and angry skeleton’s lap. This was a massacre! The skeletons all aimed to do me in, but I managed to fight them all off.

I danced through the stone tomahawks and one flying metal dagger, and did in Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajia. The skull was ours, but I have suffered a great deal to get it unnecessarily. When back on the brig, I found the rudder pin was removed. Without it, our ship wouldn’t be able to turn! I talked with the mercenary manning the rope and the one on the ship and they both said the bird is the one that ruined the plan. Their stories say that Mercenary on the grappling hook was going to go for the wheel to turn around and save me, but the bird removed the rudder pin and had hidden it. Before he could catch it, it then went to the other one manning the line where it swooped at him, annoying him and forcing him to let go. He then said the bird undid the knot holding the rope to the stake!

I was angry, but I needed proof. I went to the bird’s nest, and I found the rudder pin inside! I should’ve known! I took the magpie and it’s nest, and threw it into the brig as punishment. The bird waved its wings in protest, but then began to mellow down, sadly. The rudder pin was replaced, and we headed back to Daggertooth. I didn’t hear the jingling of the key the entire trip back. I almost feel bad, but a punishment’s a punishment.

March 9th: The Point to the Ancient Key of Rings. 11:35 AM

I returned the Mercenaries to the tavern to Tomas, and thanked them for helping me out. I also apologize for the bird’s behavior in almost jeopardizing the mission. Madme Oprah was given the skull of Walks-On-Four-Claws-Felajia. After hearing it’s secrets, I begin to learn the truth behind Felajia, the treasure, and the bell through her words:

“Felajia was considered an upper class of his kind in his life. His daughter, young cheerful, but different. While the other Tribe girls would play games, and frolic in the trees, His daughter would look after plants and water them like they were her son. Falajia was worried that she was withdrawn and would have no one to talk to or be interested to marry. So, he arranged to get her a pet to keep her company. Before the day for taming an animal, his daughter had already found the perfect pet. It was a troll. It stood on two legs, was a little under her height, and was relatively cute. So they took it in as her pet. The tribe even gave her a bell to call and train him with. (Things were MUCH different for household animals than now.) Time has passed, and the little troll grew taller and stronger than the chief of the tribe himself. He could even touch the top of the totem pole! Alas, this pair was not meant to be. Although she was so caring, and although the troll adored his master, He was a wild animal.

Felajia said they couldn’t keep him anymore. Not what after happened to the heard. And the town elder. The daughter tried to release him in heartbreaking tears, but feral instincts kicked in, and things went sour. The troll in a rampage attacked the village, and Felajiah finally masked and chained the beast to keep it contained. In desperation to keep her friend safe, she tried to stand in it’s way ringing the bell, but the beast blinded by fury and confusion swung aimlessly, and killed the girl with one hit to the head. Felajia was left in a rage himself intending to kill the beast. But when he remembered his daughter’s dedication and wished for him, he couldn’t get himself to finish it off. Instead, he broke the bell’s flapper off, and fastened it around the beast’s neck, and locked it away in the bowels of a chamber locked with his DNA (Hair, skin, blood, etc. ) It lies hibernating guarding the family's’ greatest treasure in the chambers of Old Faithful Isle.” I was excited to finally be right on top of my bounty’s resting place, but Oprah stopped me on the way out. She said that after thinking about it, she may know what my traitorous bird actually is. I told her ho hold on so I could write this and would not be lost.

March 9th: The Bird in the Hand 11:56 AM

I reluctantly got out the bird, and brought in it’s nest. It had shiny things within, but that was expected. I explained in the bird’s behavior patterns, and what it did on marauder’s arch. Upon hearing this, and talking to a local resident of Daggertooth who does birdwatching on the side, Oprah says this is a bird called a “Magpie”. They have a knack for shiny objects, are incredibly smart, and can be very territorial at times. It was natural behavior to take shiny things, but when I mentioned the rope, Oprah seemed puzzled. She was told the beak of a magpie couldn never untie a rope that strong. I wasn’t sure to trust that or not. Afterall, I’m hearing everything SHE heard. At least I knew what the bird was now. I thanked her on the way out holding the nest with the magpie comfortably within, and she handed me a cleanly cut part of a rope “That fell out of the nest”, she says. I took it back, even more confused. I also bumped into Thomas coming down the stairs. I excused myself embarrassed. Thomas that old gent thought nothing of it. He said he and his mates were heading up to Oprah to get a Mystic Voyage from her. He even teased me saying “I hope you don’t go swiping away our bounty skulls, miss!"

This ol’ coot got some tricks you wouldn’t even see coming!” I could easily take him down, but I laughed it off like it was a joke. When he asked to see the magpie, I help the bird up to be pet by him, but the Magpie flapped its wings squawking in protest. I held him away from Thomas. I apologized to him about my Magpie. I explained to him that she’s usually very friendly, and she did the same thing to the mercenaries when Introduced them to her. Thomas took a long and honestly, an uncomfortable gaze at my bird before responding to me in a hustle. He said he was in a hurry, but it was nice meeting up. As I walked toward my brig, I couldn’t help but watch my magpie stare down Thomas closely until we made it inside. I placed the magpie back on it’s favorite barrel seeing it was punished enough. I’d take a rest here for the night, and write down everything. By the time I awake, I’ll already be bound for Old Faithful Isle.