Log One

July 21st:

Unsettling Refuge I landed in Sanctuary outpost where I slept for the night. Also staying at sanctuary was an infamous pirate gang of the Devil Ray, luring unsuspecting sailors in with their vibrant ship, and rainbow flag. I knew better to empty my sloop, but this time, the crew seemed to be in a good mood..or not have interest in my ship. I should’ve been safe from harm knowing the tranquil nature of these parts and the Devil Ray’s presence. Fruity grog and salted pork lured me to my slumber in the tropical night. I never thought it was possible, but we unnerved pirates finally let our guard down.

July 22nd:

Rude Awakening! Early in the dawn like a blistering southwest, A derelict galleon pulled into the harbor. I must’ve woken up from the screams of shopkeepers as skeletons emerged onto the shores and veered into our tabernacle. I instinctively drew my sword, and tried to repel the skeletons with lashes and sword swings. The skeletons laughed, and retaliated. I got off some good swipes, but they had numbers, and lots of them. I tried shooting, but I forgot to load my blunderbuss before calling it a night! The skeletons finally subdued me, and bound me up with rope soaked in brine. They threw me with the rest of the shopkeepers, and I could only watch as the skeletons hoisted a banner with a skeleton on the top. I also scanned the horizon for the Devil Ray, but she was gone. Did the Skeletons outdo her? I also saw that my ship didn’t make it, either. After the banner was set, the boney rapscallions all retreated to their splintered vessel. After they’d gone, Wendy the town Weaponsmith cut me free and replaced my stolen sword free of charge. We all went to investigate the note it read “The Crew of the Cursed Helm challenge ye to The Battle for the Shores of Plenty. Be west of Smuggler’s Bay between the 1st and the 10th or the Shores of Plenty be ours forever!” I don’t know why, but these skeletons are… smarter than the others. I thought it might be because of the mythical Captain Flameheart, but this organized combat… it’s not his style, or nothing like I learned of anyway. There needed to be another puppet master, but who? I decided to scout for any new stories or information on this new threat around the outpost, but apparently, nobody knew what was going on. I was left up to my own journalistic searching to uncover a lead of some sort elsewhere. But I without a new ship, I wasn’t going to get very far.

July 22nd 11:43 AM :

The Pirate Lord’s Visions It was apparent I needed a ship to get back on my feet and find out what’s happening. I visited Sherry the Shipwright. She had a new ship called a “Brigantine” for sale. I only had thirty thousand gold, unfortunately. I tried my luck with bargaining, but she didn’t budge. It seemed hopeless, but to my suprise, the honest to god pirate lord appeared and walked to me on the pier. I fell to my face and bowed. He told me to rise because he had a message for me. Apparently, he had a vision of the future. In his vision he saw Flameheart, an unknown person presumably with him, and his skeletons take over Athena’s Fortune, and made the pirate lord their own power source and all his pirate legends their slaves. He also envisioned a new pirate code, and the Sea of thieves falling into darkness. I was shocked to hear this from the most powerful being from the Sea of Thieves! If he was scared of something there must be big trouble afoot. I trembled, for I was admittedly nervous. The pirate Lord then explained he had a second and far different vision of a fleet of ships sailing past Smuggler’s Bay to the west in unison with pennants. He did not see any colors or any obvious figures. Only ships. It gave him a soothing and relieved feeling for some reason.

I made a connection that this bunch of ships must’ve been an alliance. And when he mentioned Smuggler’s Bay, I remembered the Cursed Helm’s tattered note. It couldn’t have been the skeletons because it made the Pirate Lord tranquil. Instead, These ships must be sailors of the Sea of Thieves- no… a resistance. To repel the Cursed Helm? I’m not sure what it means, but I explain my theory to the Pirate Lord who Agrees. He said he had a third vision. This time it was on the deck of a derelict ship similar to the one this morning. He saw skeletons and… ME!!?? I laughed nervously, but he confirmed that it was me he saw locked in a fight with the Skeletons. He looked at me and said I was the one that would challenge these skeletons. He was going on and on about it, but I stopped him there. Take on mounds of undead based off of illusions? HA! There’s no way I can do it alone. I’m a pirate, not a warlord.

July 22nd 2:55 PM :

The Oso Viejo The Pirate Lord seemed to understand, and gave me a medallion to put around my neck. He promised he’d be with me every step of the way with that medallion. I still was reluctant, so he bought me the Brigantine that Sherry had. I knew if I took it, there’d be no going back. At last I agreed and my journey had officially begun. I was looking through ship customs to apply to the new acquisition, but The Pirate Lord told me to step up to the helm of my new brig and place my hands on the wheel. I obeyed, and placed my hands on the wheel. He then told me to close my eyes and describe what I saw this brigantine to be. I answered big strong, invincible, and famous. The Pirate lord Shook his head at me and rephrased himself. He said “No, no, you Corsair lass! Not what you imagine, but what you feel in your hands.“ He wanted me to explain what I felt would make me strong in battle, wise in seafaring, and honorable under the Pirate Code. Before I could even comprehend that list of demands, He said he liked my idea for the ship’s look. I was baffled. Maybe he could read my mind? I was even more surprised when I saw the ship when I opened my eyes.

The ship was yellow with a grand admiral hull, It housed a Grizzly bear figurehead with a battleaxe. The helm Turned into a legendary wheel. My medallion he gave me fit into the center. I also saw a yellow flag with a black bear symbol hoisted above. THIS was beyond cool. I let the name of that ship that I felt was right slip out of my tongue automatically when I finished taking in the sights. “The Old Bear”. The pirate lord seemed like he was questioning the name, then he had an Idea. He engraved the Old Bear on the seacrest, only in Spanish reading “Oso Viejo”. It was more unique, he said. I ain’t no artist, but I was convinced enough. The pirate lord disappeared, but I felt better knowing I had him on my side. The Oso Viejo was primed and ready to go. I decided my first heading would be Golden Sands Outpost to see if they had anything on these new ships.