Part Two

        After all these years, I had finally found it, though I wish to keep what I found a secret. The mermaid’s fortune that the siren had told me about five years ago. I had taken so long, my curse had nearly overtaken me. I was slowly being turned into a mermaid year, after year, and I never noticed it until I could clearly communicate with the ocean creatures a couple years ago. I was also able to stay underwater longer if need be, but I refused to chance it given my curse. If I die at sea, I belong to the sea.


        I handed over the fortune to the siren, who waited for me at Discovery Ridge, and I never looked back. I was finally free to do whatever my heart desired, free to go and stay on land for as long as I want, free to go swim in the sea without a care in the world, free to be me. But I felt stuck. What is it I want to do, now that I am free of my curse? I became unsure of myself and the ship I had named “The Coral Legacy”. It was an old ship, falling apart and leaking through the boards. I would never survive an attack and no crew would want to sail on this deathtrap I had to call home for so many years. I had no other choice, I had to sell the old friend. 

        Now without a ship, and not enough money to buy myself a new one, I will have to join a new crew. Back to the tavern I went, looking for the sorry crew who wanted to put up with me… and that is how I met the infamous pirates of the Cutthroat fleet. They were an intimidating bunch, yes, but welcoming folks when they were all drunk. They told me stories of their journeys, pirates they had defeated, and their cravings for adventure. The stories reminded me of my father, back when he would tell me his tall tales. Even though I knew his stories were mostly myths and overly exaggerated, the stories these men shared were real, and I believed them just like I did my father’s tales long ago.


        I lived my father’s dream of coming to the Sea of Thieves… now it’s my turn to become one of his grand stories to tell.