Part One

       When I first heard about the Sea of Thieves, I was a young lass that lived in the British Isles. My father, Arthur Thorton was a merchant sailor for my tiny home town. He would come home late at night with the smell of salt water and the sun’s warmth still lingering on his skin. He told be grand stories of lands unknown and creatures far greater than ships, and I would hang on to very word he spoke like my life depended on it some nights. He would pull out a map that showed how to get to the Sea of Thieves, speaking as if he would go there one day to see it for himself… But father never had the chance to do so.


       On my 20th birthday, I swore that one day I would take my father’s map and find the Sea of Thieves in his place. It was calling to me; to truly know if my father’s stories were real or mere night time stories. And so I found myself wandering into a tavern to find myself a crew to sail with, keeping the map in my pocket until the opportune time. That was when I ran into Dead eye Jim and his faithful crew. I swore myself to the captain and offered all of us passage to the Sea of Thieves with my father’s map. We had our heading.


       We boarded the “The Black Raider” and sailed for what seemed to be eternity until we sailed through the Devil’s Shroud; we were in the Sea of Thieves. I was seen as a hero on the ship who finally had given them a map that lead us all here. I enjoyed the praise and sailed with the crew longer, only to feel like something was missing. I needed more gold, I needed a ship, I needed to be captain. So I betrayed the crew, stealing all the chests on the ship and sailing off in a rowboat to the nearest outpost by moonlight. I gave it all to the Gold Hoarder, and sailed back to “The Back Raider”, thinking I could steal more later… only Dead eye Jim himself, caught me red handed. 

        I was deemed a traitor, beaten nearly to death, and tossed out to sea. My only saving grace was that there was an uncharted island not too far away. I laid on the beach for hours, hoping someone would find me there and rescue me, and to my surprise someone did show up. Only that someone was a siren. I heard the tales about those monsters, “The Curse of The Drowned”, and I refused to go back into the waters and believe that I could be saved by the likes of him. So I made a deal instead; my life for whatever fortune he wished for me to seek.


       With his evil smile, he rose a sunken ship up from the bottom of the ocean, and placed enchanted pieces of coral into each hole in the ship’s hull; the coral magically kept the old ship afloat. A ship just for me! I’m free! But all my excitement left me when the siren man told me my quest. “You are doomed to sail these seas for the rest of your days until you find me the lost mermaid’s fortune. And if you die to the sea, your soul will not go to the Ferry of The Damned, it will belong to me.”