YourMan VP


Ahoy there mateys! The name be Skith, Captain Skith ta ye. I've been a member of the notorious Cutthroat Pirates since September of 2018. While serving this fleet I've had the pleasure of assisting with many events, from PvP to RP. I like to believe my specialty is roleplaying because I'd much rather create my own stories than sit and listen to someone else's. I be encouraging every lass or lad who stumbles onto me ship to be giving RP the ole college try. Let your imagination run wild, it's a game, have some fun, and come with ole Captain Skith to start writing a story of your own! I'm always more than happy to talk about what RP is, how to do it, and how to get into the mind of your pirate! With that, I be sending ye off. May your sails and pockets be fat!