Tyl3r here. Your resident on-again-off-again Pirate Lord. I am your 3 time Pirate Lord extraordinaire. I have been in the fleet for 1 year and 5 days now. I am a laid back but brutally honest guy. I served 8.5 years in the United States Marine Corps and since my end of active service I have been a Pirate. I run the Cutthroat Store and take all suggestions and feedback to heart so there is that. Now for Sea of Thieves. This game has brought me some of my best memories in video game history, some of the wildest adventures, some of the worst drama, but i'll tell you what is really important. Every single person I have become close friends with in this discord, I would count amongst my closest friends forever. If you wish to get to know me better, join me when I am in a voice channel. I am proud to be a Captain of this fleet and long live the Cutthroats! (P.S. If you ever have an issue with officer's like you think they are evil and coniving, give me 5 minutes to change your mind)

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