Veden the Liar


Well met, friend! I'm just your local 4Chan denizen and gamer, Veden! I've been gaming since the first DOOM, and have mainly played single player RPGs and shooters, but fell in love with multiplayer games when I played City of Heroes. I mainly play FPS games these days, but SoT is by far one of my favorite games of all time, along with the Fallout series, and Elder Scrolls games. I originally came to SoT with a friend, but this game ruined our friendship so alas I played solo mostly, and also with some Canadian friends here and there whenever they logged in. I joined the Cutthroat's in 2019 and have not played with any other crews since then. I played in the Season 1 of NAL for the Grave Tides, and will continue to play for them until the end. This community is by far one of the very best! I've made so many friends here, from VP, Tyler, Ragetrox, Serene, Fyresails, and so many more. I will continue to sail the salty seas, 2 tapping everyone just because I can, and because I survive off of salt!

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