I'm Liz! Self-aware valley girl, 90s kid, Kirby channeler, and big time drawer. I joined the Cutthroats in June of 2019 after seeing the beach party video on reddit. If you're going to use a Beach Boys track in your video, you pretty much can't get rid of me at that point. I have fooled dozens of people into being my friend here, and have no problem entrapping more in my friend carton™ as time continues to pass. :eyes: I've participated in the NAL as a member of the Shrouded Scourge, a Cutthroat representative at many events with the Race of Legends, and have produced a lot of assets and other artwork for not just our fleet, but many other sailors, pirates, and scallywags who sail on the Sea of Thieves! On the seas I am by far the most :leftflex: SWOL:rightflex: Cutthroat. My pirate should be able to easily carry two chests at once, possibly a third under her chiseled jaw! But alas, the game has many a limitation. We can always use our imaginations to mend reality~! And as such, I've only started to dabble in the role play realm on the Sea of Thieves, so please force me at pistol point to be in character more often, so I can spice up our already spicy adventures!

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