Ahoy there, Cutthroats! I am RedPotato, the pirate with the heart of a knight, fighting for the ideal that all potatoes can reach greatness!

I believe in this international pirate community as being one of the best on the seas, firstly because of the values and devotion of its members and secondly, the outstanding progress of every pirate that has put their sword or double guns for the glory of this fleet. I am here to support this model and fight for our place at the infamous pirates table.

I enjoy assisting new members on learning to sail the seas by the Cutthroat way. I am here for all pirates that wish to integrate themselves successfully in our community and into our ranks.

On this note, I campaign for protecting the Cutthroat legacy, that has been passed on to us and honor the deeds that made us famous, by pushing on towards golden horizons. We will adventure together on troubled seas, face our fears, defeat our enemies and conquer the world!