Hola amigos! They call me Ragetrox, AKA Armando Castillo de Cádiz. I've been with the Cutthroats since the very beginning and it's mind blowing seeing how far we've come. My passion for this community knows no bounds. I love seeing initiative, friendship, and all your amazing creations. Competitive gaming has always caught my interest and I do my best to learn and improve every time I hit the seas. Laughing and keeping team morale are super important to me. There's no doubt, you play better when you're having fun. My hobbies include soccer, video editing, and programming. Sea of Thieves may be a game after all, but the memories and friendships made here will endure forever. We do it because we're family and we're worth it. P.S. I'm always looking for new friends, so don't be shy and join me if you see me around!

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