Yo! As you probably suspect my name is Kloszo, or as many people call me Klojo, Kloso, Klozot and so on... (yeah, I know my nickname is the tricky one.) ^^ I'm here since late 2018 and the only thing I can regret is not coming along earlier. I'm "Day One" player in SoT, but the number of things I learned in this group is just uncountable and that is the reason I'm encouraging everyone to join Cutthroats! In game I have quite a competitive attitude, but I also know when is time to take things less seriously :wink: But with regard to not SoT related things, I'm just a typical gamer. I spend most of my free time on games like LoL or Apex and also wasting my life on Netflix. I'm from Poland, so if you need an EU player you can count on me!