Hello! I’m Kaedyn or Kae-Jin.

I am the Monk in this party of adventurers! Way of the Four Elements.... Duh.

When I’m not meditating in a pleasant garden of tranquility. I’m head tapping no0bs in rainbow six or Apex legends. I used to play for Team Sparta in Wolfenstein: ET and was a three times tournament winner. I now just play for a small organisation.

In other pursuits, I am a Copywriter and have been a Community Moderator for Ark: Survival Evolved for five years. My days are never the same and I could not ask for a better Job.

For Sea Of Thieves, I am a danger magnet. Kraken? Check. Lightening? Check. Skeletons only aim for me? Check. When I’m not being killed by everything, I am a completionist and love collecting trinkets.

After all that and maintaining the balance. I enjoy cooking, fitness, HEMA, LARP and netflix. For 2020, I’d like to get better at drawing, keep pursuing an eSport career and reach new fitness levels.

If you see me around in the Cutthroats channels, feel free to say hi! I aim as an officer here to help contribute to an ever evolving and growing community and would love to keep meeting more Cutthroats.