Hello there. I’m known around these parts as “Izzy” and I’ve been around said parts since January of this year, somehow I’ve survived long enough to make it this far even after Mega Kegging the one year anniversary and have now ascended to the rank of Officer! Funny old world isn’t it? My primary interest in Sea of Thieves is its story. Lore of old and new from the exploits of the Pirate lord long past to what you yourselves got up to in your last Arena session, I want to know it all and share that passion with as many people as I can, so expect me to talk your ear off if you’re willing to lend it to me because this vibrant world has left me with a lot to say! I look forward to sailing with as many of you as I can, along the way hopefully seeding an appreciation for the world around you as we create experiences we can all share and never forget.

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