Hey there! I am Green Bean, and am known around many gaming communities as such. I've been in this server since January of 2019, so I am fairly new as far as Cutthroats go. As far as gaming goes I have a background with competitive gaming as both a competitor and a commentator for Smash Bros. Melee at the professional level. Aside from Esports I have dabbled in streaming, design, and coding on the side. In my life outside of gaming I work in Insurance and Retail in New England, so if you're from the area don't be afraid to chat me up! My passion for Sea of Thieves began with ship combat, as I'm incredibly entertained by sinking enemy ships and besting opponents in combat. My contributions can be boiled down to being a big participant of the events we've hosted and starting up the Minecraft Server for our Discord, so if you need a small break from the Seas and still want to see your friends, you can find some of them there! It's safe to say for me that the friends I've made on this server are irreplaceable and I'm sure you'll feel the same too; so feel free to join me on a sailing adventure and I'll really show you where the action is at!