Greetings fellow Cutthroats, it is I Feyne! Many of your already know of me being a long time member of the Cutthroats for almost a year and moved up the ranks to a trusted Captain of the fleet in that time. As part of the Cutthroats I have helped develop our legacy through the creation of our logo and flag, development of our Cutthroat manual and participating and assisting in every Cutthroat event since joining! Things to know about me is I'm UK based with a background in the creative industry, still trying to make my mark upon the world. I am a huge nerd for anything Fantasy, Sci-fi or Superhero and can talk about any of these topics for hours on end! I have a very lengthy background in gaming, though no game has truly captured my attention and heart as much as Sea of Thieves! The fun community and sandbox aspects of the game keep me coming back day to day as I know there will be a new experience every time, and I have had the chance to play with a large variety of talented and able Cutthroats! I aim to continue making memories with you all for years to come, being the completionist that I am I can't see myself stopping playing this game any time soon.