Balin | The Beard


Hello Friends My name is Will Smith AKA Balin The Beard AKA Alastair Q. Groovybeard. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have been a member of the Cutthroats for over a year. My major focuses to Sea of Thieves have been in service to Roleplaying, exploring a side of this fleet that many CAN do if they do choose to. Along with that, I definitely emphasize the light, that while life sucks, we can come together and make our times on the seas as grand and full of hijinks as we can sort out. But aside from my contributions to the fleet, I privately go on foodie adventures to various places across the American Northeast from time to time, and am academically trained in music and Environmental History, and can also help out if anyone needs questions answered for classes or needs a paper edited, especially since I picked up a hobby of writing a book for my character. Adventure is the primary legacy of the Sea of Thieves, one we all share together!

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