Krakenz joined back in April of 2018, and was apart of the original group that created the foundation for this discord. Joining so recently after launch, Kraken was one of the first officers, and played a role in setting up the foundation and being a voice to help make decisions in the fleet. Krakenz' biggest accomplishment to date however, was the role that he played in the Calavera Cup 2018, a Skullball tournament hosted by Fortune, another fleet. Apart of a team of four, Kraken played a crucial role in leading the Cutthroats to victory, in the first multi-fleet event in the history of the Sea of Thieves. Following this, Kraken laid down a legacy for the Cutthroats, helping us to our first of many victories in multi-fleet events, and showing off skills that no others knew how to achieve. To this day, the effects of that Skullball victory are still felt all across the multi-fleets.