Indigo Koolai

Indigo is the founder of the discord, which he created back on launch day. He sparked the interest of members like Ragetrox and Hard Locked and laid the foundation for everything that you see around you today. Indigo helped create the ranks for Officers and In-game-based ranks that you still see today! He is also the owner of the forum, and keeps it updated for us. "Indigo's Revenge" was voted in by the community as the official name of the Cutthroat Ship, in honor of everything he has done for us. Indigo also created the banner that we use for anything needing! Without the spark the Indigo had to create the discord, and without the dedication that he had to laying the foundation for this discord, none of us would be here today. We can all be very thankful to Indigo and the legacy he has left behind. ​ ​