Freya Catherine

Freya may have never had the opportunity to truly sail and be apart of the Cutthroats, but she will forever be engraved into our history. In the early days of the Cutthroats our friend Ottanashi-Lee was planning to write a Shanty, however had to attend to many personal matters and was put to a halt. Inspired by Ottanashi, Ragetrox took it upon himself to write the Cutthroat Shanty, with help and inspiration from many others, Rage sung the song and recorded it, for the hopes of us to use it in the future. Knowing that Freya was a fan of the Cutthroats, I reached out to her with Rage's recording and she loved it, and produced the shanty that you now know today, and she did it for free. She called it her passion project, and we will never forget her for it.