Berend joined the cuthroats on May 7th, 2018. Upon joining, this man was active from the getgo. Entertaining various events, skullball practices, and voyages alike. You can see some voyage reports from his time active during the Cutthroats in the #voyage-reports channel, some fantastic tales he has written. Berend lives in Europe and actually serves in his nations military, as well as being a semi-pro PUBG player, once even featuring in a tournament! Berend's impact on this discord is left behind in the form of the Cutthroat Promotional video, created in the summer of 2018. The video has achieved almost 3,000 views, and was the reason for bringing in some of the most active members of this discord to date. Berend's video and the countless hours of work he put into filming, recording, planning, and editing allowed for this discord to go from a smaller group of friends on a Galleon, to a full Man O' War